Components of Operating System

A Quick Overview

We have been using our operating system for years without releasing it. Every device, from mobile phones to supercomputers, is running an operating system

Introduction of Operating System

In computing, an OS is a piece of software that allows users to interact with computer's hardware. Also, it serves as the interface between user and the hardware.

The question is why use an operating system? Why do individual applications don’t interact with the hardware for execution?

Provides a user interface for users to interact with and control their machines. Provides a graphical screen such as icons. Supports multitasking.

Why use an  Operating System?

1. Batch Processing OS   2. Time-Sharing OS  3. Distributed OS   4. Real-time OS

Types of Operating System

OS components can be divided into 2 different views-

Components of Operating System

1. User View -  It is concerned with the end-user activities. An individual operates a computer and interacts with it through keyboard, mouse, monitor, touch, and other front components.

2. Kernel View- It interacts with hardware for the execution of any program and is at the heart of an operating system. It executes all tasks required by the user on hardware.

Find out how Operating System is composed of all its components.

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