Components of the Operating System

A Quick Overview

Have you ever wondered what lies behind the smooth functioning of your computer or mobile phone? Introducing the backbone of all digital devices - the Operating System!

It is software that helps the users to interact with the computer hardware & acts as an interface between user & hardware. From mobile phones to supercomputers, everything has an OS installed in it.

Introduction to Operating System

Well, the answer lies in efficiency and user-friendliness.    As a front user, OS provides a user-friendly interface & allows multitasking, making our interaction with machine smoother.  As a programmer, it takes care of low-level tasks & frees us from writing additional code.

Why use an Operating System?

The heart of OS, Kernel acts as a liaison between software & hardware, allowing the software to access device's resources & execute tasks. Also manages system calls & interrupt handling, ensuring the stability & reliability of system.

1. Kernel

Important Components of Operating System

Operating systems manage the memory of a computer by allocating and deallocating memory to applications as needed, preventing fragmentation, and managing virtual memory.

2. Memory Management

The OS manages the execution of processes by providing mechanisms for creating, scheduling, and deleting processes, managing process priority, and ensuring the synchronization of concurrent processes.

3. Process Management

The file system is responsible for organizing and managing files & directories on the computer, providing mechanisms for accessing & manipulating files, & ensuring the reliability & consistency of data stored on disk.

4. File System

The OS provides a uniform interface for applications to interact with input and output devices, such as keyboards, mice, & printers, & handles data transfer between these devices & the computer's memory.

5. Input/Output Management

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