Data Engineer Career

Market leaders use data-driven approaches to determine customer needs and their market performance, creating a surge in demand for Data Engineers.

Demand for a Data Engineer

Data Engineer:  Job Requirements

1. Degree in CS, Technology, or related field.  2. Expertise in Spark, Hadoop, and ETL tools.   3. Knowledge of SQL, Python, UNIX, LINUX, etc.  4. Data structures, data warehouses, and data modelling.

Data Engineer:  Job Responsibilities

1. Design data platform architecture.  2. Optimize existing data structures and pipelines.  3. Develop data integration tools to streamline workflows.  4. Update data extraction and analysis tools.

Data Engineer: Job Role

Data engineers can be categorized as follows based on their responsibilities:   1. Generalist  2. Warehouse-centric  3. Pipeline-centric

Data Engineer: Average Salary in Different Countries

India - ₹836,443/yr  United Kingdom - £40,360/yr  USA - $92,541/yr  Germany - €56,531/yr  New Zealand - NZ$84,454  Canada - C$80,554

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