Developing Android Apps: Top Skills You Need to Know

1. Android Foundation

Creating Android applications requires knowledge of mostly Kotlin and Java, their syntax, collection frameworks, concurrency, multithreading, etc., and XML to create the Android layout.

2. Android Interactivity

When developing Android applications, developers should consider gestures, keyboards, panning and zooming at the right times, and screen orientation to provide seamless interation.

3. Android UI

Developers should understand UI design concepts such as RecyclerView and ConstraintLayout, as well as menus, vector graphics, etc., to provide a seamless user experience.

4. Android Testing

Users interact with the app in many different ways, from clicking a Submit button to downloading information, so developers must test the app in many use cases to ensure it is accurate, functional, and usable.

5. Android Security

To ensure Android security, developers must use permissions, share data securely, and use authorization tokens to prevent malicious apps from being created and used by hackers.


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