Docker Interview Questions

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An open-source containerization platform that enables easy building, deployment,  & running of applications, while separating the software from the underlying infrastructure.

What is Docker?

1. Simplify & accelerate application workflow using containerization.   2. Improves productivity.  3. Its lightweight pre-installed packages make deployment easier.

Why learn Docker?

1. How many Docker components are there?  2. What command can you run to export a docker image as an archive?

Docker Basic Interview Questions

3. Can a paused container be removed from Docker?  4. What command is used to check for the version of the docker client and server?

1. Can a container restart by itself?  2. Differentiate between COPY and ADD commands that are used in a Dockerfile.

Docker Intermediate Interview Questions

3. Differentiate between Daemon Logging & Container Logging.  4. What are the basic requirements for the docker to run on any system?

1. Can we use JSON instead of YAML while developing a docker-compose file in Docker?  2. How to use docker for multiple application environments?

Docker Advanced Interview Questions

3. How many containers you can run in docker and what are the factors influencing this limit?  4. Describe the lifecycle of a Docker Container?

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