Does a Java Developer make a lot of money in India?

Professionals who build, design, and manage applications using Java as a versatile, cross-platform programming language.

Who is a Java Developer?

Java Developer Salary: Pay By Experience

Java developers with 1-4 years of experience may earn ₹426,176/yr, and those with 5-9 years of experience earn around ₹872,366/yr.

Java Developer Salary: Pay By Location

Location plays a critical role in how much Java developers earn, for instance, Bangalore offers ₹242K – ₹1M/yr, Gurgaon offers over ₹219K – ₹1M/yr, Pune offers  ₹217K – ₹1M/year, and so on.

Java Developer Salary: Pay By Company

Larger brands or companies offer significantly higher salaries.  Cognizant - ₹585,962/yr  Wipro - ₹574,015/yr  HCL Technologies Ltd. - ₹560,000/yr  Oracle - ₹750,000 K/yr 

Java Developer Salary: Pay By Skill Set

Java developer salary also vary depending on skill sets; those with SQL skills make about ₹406,071K/yr on average, whereas those with Cloud Computing skills make about ₹637,990K/yr.

Java Developer Salary: Based on Job Roles

The pay scale for Java developers varies according to their role.   Software Developer - ₹217k – ₹1m/K  DevOps Engineer - ₹342k – ₹2m/K 

How much does a Java Developer make in other countries?

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