Exception Handling Interview Questions to Prepare For

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It is crucial to prevent application termination caused by abnormal behavior like network errors, database connection issues, logical errors,  & more.

Introduction to Exception Handling

1. What is the difference between the throw and throws keywords in Java?  2. Can you catch and handle Multiple Exceptions in Java?

Exception Handling Interview Questions for Freshers

3. How are the keywords final, finally & finalize different from each other?  4. Can we have statements between try, catch & finally blocks?

5. Differentiate between Checked Exception and Unchecked Exceptions in Java.  6. What is Exception Chaining?

1. What happens when an exception is thrown by the main method?  2. Is it possible to throw checked exceptions from a static block?

Exception Handling Interview Questions for Experienced

3. Does the finally block always get executed in Java program?  4. What are the rules we should follow when overriding a method throwing an Exception?

5. Is it possible to throw an Exception inside a Lambda Expression’s body?  6. What are different scenarios where “Exception in thread main” types of error could occur?

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