Front-End Developer Interview Questions to Prepare For


Front-end development, a popular choice for beginners, requires basic skills like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, & some server knowledge, making it a promising entry point for a full-stack career.


It focuses on creating a user-friendly graphical interface by converting backend code, allowing users to easily navigate & understand web apps & websites.

What is Front-end Development?

1. What is a Grid system in CSS?  2. Describe the distinction between Class and Prototypal inheritance in Javascript.

Front-End Developer Interview Questions for Freshers

3. Mention three ways to decrease page load time.  4. How do browsers render the UI?

5. Why did we utilize the data- the attribute in HTML and why it is now advised not to use?  6. What is ClickJacking?

Front-End Developer Interview Questions for Experienced

1. Define the Anonymous function in JS. 2. Suggest some ways how to fix the browser-specific styling issue.

3. Mention the pitfalls of using a CSS Preprocessor like Sass.  4. In an image tag, what is the benefit of the srcset attribute?

5. Why do we utilize the “use strict”; statement?  6. What do you know about the CSS image sprites and why it is utilized?

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