Front End Developer Salary in India 

How much to expect?

The average front end developer salary in India is around ₹487,700/yr. However, this can go up to ₹1,200,000/yr, or it can fall as low as ₹260,000/yr based on various factors.

Average Front End Developer Salary

Front-End Developer Salary: Pay By Experience

Front-end developers with 1-4 years of experience may earn ₹452,073 per month, and those with 5-6 years of experience earn around ₹806,231.

Front-End Developer Salary: Pay By Location

Location plays a critical role in how much front-end developers earn, for instance, Bangalore offers ₹519,817/yr, Gurgaon offers over ₹626,419/yr, Pune offers  ₹481,394/year, and so on.

Front-End Developer Salary: Pay By Company

Larger brands or companies offer significantly higher salaries.   TCS - ₹590K/yr  Accenture - ₹600K/yr Freshdesk - ₹695K/yr  HCL - ₹675K/yr  Cognizant - ₹579K/yr

Front-End Developer Salary: Pay By Skill Set

Front-end developer salary also vary depending on skill sets; those with JavaScript skills make about ₹506k/yr on average, whereas those with React.js skills make about ₹589K/yr.

How much does a Front-end Developer make in other countries?

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