Front-End Developer’s Skillset: What  Do They Need?

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the cornerstones of front-end development, and this tech stack is enough to create a front-end web app with basic dynamic controls.

Version Control Systems

Version control systems such as Git enable front-end developers to communicate and track source code changes effectively, including who made them and what they changed.

Frameworks and Libraries

Frameworks like vue.js, react.js, etc., make it simple to create complex user interfaces and display highly optimized content, while jQuery simplifies JS work with plug-ins and extensions.

Responsive Design

Frontend developers must be aware of the fundamentals, principles of responsive design, and know how to apply them to code so the pages are adapted to visitors' devices.

Testing and Debugging

Front-end developers must be capable of testing and debugging code to keep a project bug-free using testing approaches like functional testing and unit testing.


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