Full Stack Developers in India: How Much Do They Earn?


Salary Comparison by Experience

Early career full stack developers earn on average ₹375k/yr, while those with ₹5-9 years experience earn ₹12-14 lakhs/yr.


Salary Comparison by Employer

The salary of a full-stack developer varies from company to company, such as ₹452846/yr at TCS, ₹530241/yr at Accenture, and ₹335k-424k/yr at Infosys.


Salary Comparison by Location

As a full-stack developer, you will likely earn competitive salaries in locations such as Bangalore (₹702K/year), Mumbai (₹738K/year), and Chennai (₹600K/year).


Salary Comparison by Skillset

It is estimated that full-stack developers make an average of ₹596,018 with JavaScript skills, ₹562,493 with React.js skills, and ₹337,037 with Python skills.

How Much Does a Full-Stack Developer Make in Other Countries?