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Git is a widely-used open-source distributed version control system (DVCS) that allows developers to track changes, collaborate on projects & revert to previous versions easily.

What is Git?

1. Explain head in terms of git & also tell the no. of heads that can be present in a repository.  2. What does the git status command do?

Basic Git Interview Questions

3. What does the command git config do?  4. What is the functionality of git ls-tree?

1. What is the command used to delete a branch?  2. What is a detached HEAD and what causes this and how to avoid this?

Intermediate Git Interview Questions

3. What has to be run to squash multiple commits (last N) into a single commit?  4. Why do we not call git “pull request” as “push request”?

5. Differentiate between git pull and git fetch.  6. What do the git diff and git status commands do?

1. What are the functionalities of git reset --mixed and git merge --abort?  2. How to revert a bad commit which is already pushed?

Advanced Git Interview Questions

3. Explain the factors involved in choosing between git merge and git rebase?  4. How will you resolve conflicts in Git?

5. How do you find a commit that breaks something after a merge operation?  6. What command helps us know the list of branches merged into the master?

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