Hibernate Interview Questions to Prepare For

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A Java-based ORM framework that maps POJO objects (Plain Old Java Objects) to relational database tables, simplifying data persistence-related tasks for developers.

Introduction to Hibernate

Why use Hibernate?

 - Clean readable code   - Exception Handling Support   - Transaction Management   - Supports OOPs features like inheritance, association, and more.

1. What is a SessionFactory?  2. What do you think about the statement - “session being a thread-safe object”?

Hibernate Interview Questions For Freshers

3. What is the difference between first-level cache and second-level cache?   4. Is hibernate prone to SQL injection attacks?

5. Differentiate between save() & saveOrUpdate() methods in hibernate session.  6. What is hibernate caching?

Hibernate Intermediate Interview Questions

7. Does Hibernate support Native SQL Queries?  8. What is hibernate caching?

9. What are the states of a persistent entity?  10. Explain N+1 SELECT Problem and how to solve it in Hibernate.

Hibernate Interview Questions For Experienced

11. Can we declare the Entity class final?  12. Explain the Table Per Class Strategy.

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