Hottest IT Job Opportunities in India with the Highest Salaries

Credit: InterviewBit

PayScale of Software Development Engineer

A software development engineer makes between ₹989,044 and ₹2,225,470 annually, with an average of ₹1,191,752/year.



PayScale of Software Architect

A Software Architect's average salary is approximately ₹2,199,698/year, ranging from a minimum of ₹977,473 to a maximum of ₹3,138,870/year.


PayScale of Blockchain Engineer

It is estimated that the average salary of a Blockchain Engineer is ₹808,000 per year, with a range from ₹6,26,185 to ₹3,675,000 per year.


PayScaler of IoT Solution Architect

As an IoT Solution Architect, you can expect to earn an average salary of ₹1,915,175 per year, which can range anywhere from ₹496,349 to ₹2,095,967/year.


PayScale of Data Scientist

Data Scientists earn an average salary of ₹824,241/year, which can range between ₹539,654 and ₹1,753,819 per year.

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