How do you find the next greater Element?

A Quick Overview

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An important concept in computer science that refers to first element on the right side of a given element that is greater than that element in the array. In case no greater element exists, next greater element is considered as -1.

Next Greater Element

Given an array A[], find the next greater element G[i] for every element A[i] in the array. For elements that don't have a greater element, consider the next greater element as -1.

Problem Statement

Get the job done with a straightforward approach. This method solves the problem by using two nested loops and finding the first element to the right that's greater than each element A[i]. Ready to see how it works? Check out the algorithm!

Brute Force Solution - Keep it Simple

Ready for a smarter and faster approach to finding the next greater element? Say hello to the Stack method that solves the problem with ease and speed!

Efficiency Meets Simplicity: Stack Method

Push the first element of the array into the stack, iterate through all elements from 1 to N - 1. If the current index value < value at top of stack, push it. And, if the value is greater, pop remaining elements.

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