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JP Morgan interview

JP Morgan interview

A leading multinational technology company, empowers businesses with innovative solutions, transforming technology, processes, and customer experiences.

About Cognizant

1. Provides excellent growth opportunities. 2. Offers competitive salaries. 3. Chance to work on exciting & innovative technologies. 4. Emphasizes work-life balance.

Why join Cognizant?

Is Cognizant Interview difficult?

Cognizant interview difficulty depends on your preparation. The interviewer looks for problem-solving skills, thought process, communication, and technical knowledge.

1. Aptitude test/Skill-based assessment test. 2. Technical Interview. 3. HR Interview

Cognizant Recruitment Process

1. How will you print the address of a variable without using a pointer?  2. What is a monkey patch in Python? 

Cognizant Technical Interview Questions

3. Is it possible to «resurrect» an object that has become eligible for garbage collection in Java?  4. What is the Translation Lookaside Buffer?

5. What is the purpose of a Pseudo TTY (pseudo terminals)?  6. Is it possible to override and overload a static method in Java?

1. Do some research on the company. 2. Stay positive & confident.  3. Practice thoroughly & understand the material well.  4. Brush up on coding & programming fundamentals.

Cognizant Interview Preparation Tips

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