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JP Morgan interview

JP Morgan interview

A leading software development company that offers enterprise data integration & cloud data management solutions, including ETL, data quality, data replication, & more.

About Informatica

1. Competitive salary with benefits.  2. An inclusive & collaborative work environment.  3. Chance to work with cutting-edge technologies & industry-leading experts.

Why join Informatica?

Informatica Recruitment Process

1. Online Round (MCQs only) 2. Coding Round  3. Technical Round (2-3)  4. Managerial/HR Round

1. Can we store previous session logs in Informatica? If yes, how?  2. State the difference between connected lookup & unconnected lookup.

Informatica Basic Interview Questions

3. What are the different ways of parallel processing? 4. How can we improve the performance of Informatica Aggregator Transformation?

Informatica Scenario-Based Interview Questions

5. State the difference between SQL Override and Lookup Override.  6. What is pmcmd command? How to use it?

Informatica Interview Questions for Experienced

1. Do some research on the company 2. Prepare well 3. Don't let mistakes bother you  4. Practice, Practice, Practice

Tips to Prepare for Informatica Interview

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