JustDial Interview Questions to Prepare For


About JustDial

India's top local search engine providing local search services through multiple platforms, like mobile, voice, SMS, & web, with over 31.9m listings & 144.8m quarterly unique users.

1. Opportunity for career growth and learning.  2. Competitive salary packages and benefits.  3. Exposure to India's top local search engine & diverse industries.

Why join JustDial?

JustDial Recruitment Process

1. Aptitude test  2. Coding round  3. Technical interview  4. HR interview

As per Payscale, the average salary for freshers typically ranges from Rs 5-6 lakh/yr, depending on various factors like location, skills, experience & more.

How much does a Fresher make at JusDial?

JustDial Technical Interview Questions: Freshers and Experienced

1. Why did you choose to React over alternative frameworks like Angular?  2. What are the ACID attributes of a database management system (DBMS)?

3. Is PHP case-sensitive? And is there any interaction between JavaScript and PHP?  4. What are the many sorts of variables in PHP? And explain the different types of arrays in PHP?

5. What is the purpose of encapsulating a JavaScript source file's full content with a function book?  6. Why are Java Strings immutable by default?

1. Prepare non-coding/non-technical questions too.  2. Choose one programming language and master it. 3. Master CS fundamentals. 4. Research the company and the job

Tips for JustDial Interview Preparation

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