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A leading digital payments & financial services company based in India that offers a range of services, including mobile payments, bill payments, online shopping, & digital banking.

About PayTM

1. Fast-paced & dynamic work environment.  2. Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology.  3. Competitive salary & benefits package.

Why join PayTM?

PayTM Recruitment Process

1. Online Coding Round(On platforms like Hackkerank, HackerEarth, etc.)  2. Technical Interview Rounds  3. HR Round

The average salary for a Paytm Software Engineer in India for freshers typically ranges from Rs 6-12 lakh/yr, depending on various factors like location, skills, experience & more.

How much does a software engineer make at PayTM?

Paytm interviews are usually of easy to medium difficulty, but thorough preparation and a good understanding of computer science concepts are necessary to perform well.

Is the PayTM interview hard?

1. What does DHCP stand for? State some of the benefits and drawbacks of DHCP.  2. How well do you know Socket Programming? List the benefits and drawbacks of Sockets in Java.

PayTM Technical Interview Questions

3. Explain callback functions in JavaScript with the help of an example. 4. Write down a C++ function to display all the nodes in a circular linked list.

5. In C, define Storage Classes. List the several storage classes available in C.  6. Explain the various layers in the OSI model in the context of computer networking.

1. Solve coding problems to enhance your problem-solving skills.  2. Review commonly asked HR interview questions. 3. Practice mock interviews.  4. Research the company.

Tips for PayTM Interview Preparation

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