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A popular software company that offers cutting-edge technology solutions to real-life problems at scale, providing engineers with immense exposure & highly competitive compensation.

About Uber

1. Immense exposure to cutting-edge technology solutions.  2. Highly competitive compensation & benefits.  3. Opportunity to work with a diverse and talented team.

Why join Uber?

Uber Recruitment Process

1. Online Test (On platforms like Hackkerank, HackerEarth, etc.)  2. On-site/Online Technical Interview Rounds  3. System Design Round  4. HR Round

At Uber, a fresher Software Development Engineer can expect an annual salary of around Rs. 20,45,000, with salaries ranging from Rs. 5,22,000 to Rs. 26,98,000 per year.

How much does a fresher make at Uber?

1. Write functional code for solving the problem given below: Detect whether or not a given linked list contains a cycle.  2. What exactly is a Bootstrap Program in terms of operating systems?

Uber Technical Interview Questions

3. What is Servlet Collaboration?  4. Given an array of both positive & negative numbers, find out the largest sum that can be achieved by considering any-one subarray of the given array.

 - Minimum Difference Subsets  - Counting Subarrays  - Subarrays with distinct integers   - Path in Directed Graph

Uber Coding Questions

1. Improve problem-solving skills.  2. Highlight leadership, teamwork, & communication skills Research the company.  3. Practice using InterviewBit or other platforms to gain confidence.

Tips for Uber Interview Preparation

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