How to Become a DevOps Engineer?

A DevOps engineer's salary can range from a minimum of $343k/yr to a maximum of $2 million/yr, depending on various factors such as:

DevOps Engineer: Factors Affecting Salary

Experience, Location, Employer, Skills

DevOps Engineer: Skillset

Operating Systems like Linux. Programming Languages like Python. Public Cloud like Amazon Web Services.     DevOps tools and Practices like Puppet, Jenkins, Grafana, etc.

DevOps Engineer: Job Responsibilites

Develop and maintain IT solutions.  Secure applications and systems against threats.  Improve old codes with automation and scripting techniques.  Monitor and troubleshoot applications.

DevOps Engineer: Job Roles

A diverse knowledge base in such a demanding field opens up quite a few job opportunities for you including DevOps Architect, Release Manager, DevOps Automation Engineer, and many more.

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