How to Become  a Full-stack Developer?

Top Skills Required

Ready to become a sought-after web developer, equipped with skills to tackle any project?   Discover essential skills that every aspiring full-stack developer should master!


Who is a Full-stack Developer?

A professional with expertise in both front-end (client-side) & back-end (server-side) development of web applications, as well as database management.

1. HTML and CSS  Get a jump start on your tech career with essential skills in HTML & CSS - front-end languages for personalized web design & improved user interaction.

Top Skills Required

2. JavaScript  Dynamic language for interactive front-end and server-side development with frameworks like Angular, React, and Vue.

3. Git and GitHub  Manage your code like a pro with Git & GitHub - the distributed VCS that helps you collaborate with other developers, solve errors, & build your network.

4. BackEnd Development Languages  Fundamental understanding of programming languages like Python, Java, PHP, and Ruby for efficient backend development.

5. Web Architecture  Basic knowledge of structural and user interface elements like DNS, database servers, and cloud storage to maintain proficient responsibility.

6. Database Management Systems  Understanding of systems like Oracle, MySQL, SQLite, and Microsoft Access for efficient management of databases.

Are you ready to become a full-stack developer?

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