How to Make Progress while Studying for Coding Interviews?

Ace your Coding Interview

Review computer science fundamentals, algorithms, and data structures to establish a strong foundation for more complex coding challenges.

Ready to strengthen your foundation?

1. Build a solid foundation

Practice coding challenges, build projects, and work on open-source projects to gain more experience and develop your coding skills.

2. Practice makes perfect

Ready to start practicing?

Analyze the problem, identify edge cases, and determine the optimal solution before you start coding to streamline your approach.

3. Strategically approach each interview question

Ready to optimize your approach?

Explore alternative solutions to the problem and consider trade-offs between time complexity, space complexity, and readability.

4. Think outside the box

Ready to explore new solutions?

Start with the simplest solution (like brute force solution) and optimize it iteratively to improve time and space complexity.

5. Take it step by step

Ready to take it step by step?

Write out the algorithm, identify helper functions and data structures, and ensure that you fully understand the problem before you start coding.

6. Plan out the full solution before you code

Ready to plan your solution?

Break down complex problems into smaller, more manageable sub-problems and use abstraction to simplify the code.

7. Simplify complexity

Ready to master complex problems?

Write unit tests, perform boundary tests, and debug your code to ensure that it's working as expected.

8. Test your code

Ready to test your code?

Seek feedback from mentors, peers, and hiring managers to identify areas for improvement and adjust your approach accordingly.

9. Learn from mistakes

Ready to start your coding practice?

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