Google Interview Questions to Prepare for

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A multinational tech company specializing in internet-related products & services, including cloud computing, online advertising technologies, software, & hardware.

About Google

1. Opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies. 2. Chance to collaborate with talented and diverse individuals.  3. Competitive compensation and benefits packages.

Why join Google?

Google Recruitment Process

1. Recruiter Connect  2. Interview Rounds      - Telephonic Interviews (2 RD)     - DSA Interviews (3-4 RD)       - Googliness Interviews ( 1 RD)     3. After Interview Process  4. Get Hired

Are Google interviews hard?

Google interviews involve easy to medium level questions, but can be intimidating due to the no. of interview rounds ranging. Preparation and effort can make it worthwhile.

Google Coding Interview Questions

1. Gas Station  2. Majority Element  3. Max Rectangle in Binary Matrix  4. Distinct Subsequences 

Google Interview Preparation Tips

1. Understand Google's work culture.  2. Excel in DSA. 3. Use the STAR Method. 4. Highlight Your Strengths.

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