Microsoft Interview Questions to Prepare for

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A tech giant that has been shaping the way we work and communicate for over four decades, with its OS, productivity tools, & cloud services.

About Microsoft

1. Opportunities to work on cutting-edge technologies. 2. Collaborate with top talent. 3. Diverse & inclusive community. 3. Competitive salaries

Why join Microsoft?

Microsoft Recruitment Process

1. Recruiter Connect  2. Interview Rounds                    - Screening Interview(1 RD)        - Onsite Interviews(4-5 RDs) 3. After Interview Process  4. Get Hired

Are Microsoft Interviews hard?

Microsoft interviews test your software engineering basics & expect you to learn quickly & adapt to new technologies.  Preparation & effort can make it worthwhile.

Microsoft Coding Interview Questions

1. Max Product Subarray  2. Regular Expression Match  3. Distribute Candy  4. Longest Increasing Subsequence 

Microsoft Interview Preparation Tips

1. Be specific about your experiences & problem-solving skills.  2. Keep up with the lastest technology trends. 3. Learn about Microsoft's culture, values, and products.

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