How to Print Top View of Binary Tree?

Get a Clear View of Binary Trees

Want to see the world of binary trees from a different perspective? Discover the secrets of the top view!

Binary trees are a complex structure where nodes are connected to each other with a maximum of two children. Take your understanding to the next level by learning about the top view of binary trees.

Introduction to Binary Tree

The top view of binary trees is a set of nodes that can be seen when viewing the structure from above. Enhance your skills and deepen your understanding of this fascinating structure.

Understanding Top View of Binary Trees

Given a binary tree, we have to print the top view of the binary tree. To print the top view, we can print the nodes in any order.

Problem Statement

Use the preorder traversal of the tree to traverse the tree & check that we have visited the current vertical level, & if visited then we can check for smaller horizontal level node & store it.

Approach to Print Top View

Time complexity: O(N), where N is the size of the array. Space complexity: O(1)

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