How to solve the Josephus Problem?

A Puzzling Survival Game

Do you like puzzles and mathematical problems?  Then, get ready to play the Josephus game! It's a game of survival where the winner is the last person standing.

Consider N people standing in a circle. Every K-th person is eliminated until only one person remains. The task is to find the last person.

Problem Statement

We use a recursive function that calculates the position of the survivor in a circle of N people, with every K-th person being eliminated.

Approach 1-  Recursive Approach

Algorithm -  1. Step 1: If N == 1, return 1.  2. Step 2: Else, return (josephus(N – 1 , K) + K – 1) % N + 1.   Curious to see it in action? 

Simplify the Josephus problem with a list approach! Initialize a list of integers from 1 to N, then repeatedly remove the K-th element until only one remains.

Approach 2-  List Method

If N is even, all even positions get deleted leaving N/2. The solution?  josephus(2 * N, 2) = josephus(N, 2) - 1   And for N odd? Find out by clicking here!

Special Case:  K=2  A Game Changer!

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