How to Write a Data Scientist Resume?

A Complete Guide

4-5 lines at top of resume should describe your experience as a data scientist, your role at previous companies, and your technical skills. Also, mention any relevant certifications.

1. Career Objective/Summary

2. Essential Skillset

Emphasize the technical skills associated with the data scientist role in this section. Ideally, you should have skills in the areas of data science, ML, AI, NLP, and related areas.

3. Project

Include data science-related projects that show your capability to work on company-level projects. As a new graduate, you can include academic tasks related to this field.

4. Workplace Experience

Start by listing your recent employment first, then your previous employment, etc. Input your experience as

1. Position Name  2. Company Name  3. Dates  4. Responsibilities & Achievements  5. Technologies used

5. Awards and Certifications

Here, you can showcase achievements that demonstrate your data science expertise. You may also list any accomplishments related to programming competitions or technical exams you have taken.

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