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A. After SRS creation  B. After installation  C. After programming  D. After designing

1. When can white-box testing be started?

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A. Agile  B. RAD  C. Waterfall  D. Spiral

2. Identify the simplest model of SDLC.

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A. Prototype refinement  B. Engineer product C. Coding  D. Quick design

3. Identify the incorrect phase of the prototype model.

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A. Software verification  B. Software testing & validation  C. Software designing  D. Software evolution

4. Identify which one is not recommended for software processes in software engineering.

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A. RAD and prototyping  B. Waterfall and prototyping  C. Prototyping and spiral  D. Spiral and RAD

5. Which of the following models will not result in desired output, when user participation isn’t involved?

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A. Waterfall model  B. V-model  C. Prototype model  D. Evolutionary model

6. Identify the model which is also known as Verification and Validation Model?

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A. Radial, angular  B. Diagonal, angular  C. Diagonal, perpendicular  D. None

7. Identify the two dimensions of the spiral model.

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A. Small projects  B. Complex projects  C. Maintenance Projects  D. Accommodating changes

8. For which of the following reasons is the waterfall model not suitable? 

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A. 3  B. 4  C. 6  D. 9

9. Total different notations for Unified Modelling Language?

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A. Errors per KLOC  B. $ per KLOC  C. Defects per KLOC  D. None

10. Identify the correct measure for correctness.

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