Incremental Model in Software Engineering

A Quick Overview

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Introduction to Incremental Model

A software development methodology that breaks the development process into small, manageable chunks. Each chunk, or increment, builds upon the previous one, resulting in a fully functional product at the end.

In Software development life cycle models, there are two types of incremental models. Lets check them out—>>

Types of Incremental Model

1. Staged Delivery Model It's like building a puzzle, you start by completing one piece at a time and delivering it to the client, then you move on to the next piece until the puzzle is complete.

2. Parallel Development Model It's like working on multiple art projects at the same time, each team focuses on one aspect of the project and works simultaneously with the goal of finishing faster.

There are four main phases in the Incremental Model. Each increment goes through these phases, building upon the work done in previous increments. Let's explore these phases ->

Phases of Incremental Model

1. Requirement Phase   This involves gathering functional & non-functional requirements from clients about the project's needs and preferences before moving on to the next phase.

2. Design & Development Phase It involves creating rough design & adding details to it based on project's needs and preferences, and then following coding standards established to develop clean and efficient code.

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