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Question 1-    How to check if a number is a palindrome?

Answer - Simply compare the number with its reverse. If they are equal, it's a palindrome.

Question 2-    Can a negative number be a palindrome?

Answer - No, because the '-' sign is not a part of the number.

Question 3-    How to find the next palindrome number?

Answer - Add 1 to the number until you get a palindrome.

Question 4-    Can we solve this problem without converting an integer to a string?

Answer - Yes, by using the modulo operator and dividing the number by 10 repeatedly.

Question 5-    Are all single-digit numbers palindrome?

Answer - Yes, because they are the same forwards and backwards.

Question 6-    How to count palindrome numbers in a range?

Answer - Loop through the range and check if each number is a palindrome, then count them.

Question 7-    How to check if a palindrome number is also a perfect square?

Answer - Take the square root of the number and check if it's a whole number.

Question 8-    What is the largest palindrome number made from the product of two 3-digit numbers?

Answer - The answer is 906609, which is the product of 913 and 993.

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