Java Interview Questions and Answers 

For Freshers and Experienced

No doubt that preparation is the key to success, and it is helpful to know various questions commonly asked during Java interviews.

Do you know what it takes to ace a Java interview?

Java Basic Interview Questions

1. Why is Java a platform independent language?  2. Pointers are used in C/ C++.  Why does Java not make use of pointers?  3. What do you mean by data encapsulation?

Java Intermediate Interview Questions

1. Why does Java make strings immutable, aside from security reasons?  2. What's the difference between a String, StringBuffer, and StringBuilder?  3. What is a Comparator in java?

1. What’s the difference between ‘>>’ and ‘>>>’ operators in java? 2. How is creation of string using new() different from that of literal?  3. What is marker interfaces in Java?

Java Advanced Interview Questions

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