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Scaler Neovarsity is here to revolutionize the world of education! This online university was founded to upgrade teaching practices, reinvent education for the digital age, and meet the growing demand for skills and jobs.

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Scaler Neovarsity's Master's Program is outcome-focused and accredited with ECTS. Taught by industry experts, it is globally recognized and equivalent to a Master's from a US institution. Elevate your profile and transfer credits.

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Our programs include-  1. Master of Science in Computer Science AI & ML - Data Science track 2. Master of Science in Computer Science - Academy track.

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Let your skills do the talking with Scaler Neovarsity's Master's Degree program! Complete the course and thesis to receive a certificate from Scaler Neovarsity and Woolf University.

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All live sessions at Scaler Neovarsity are recorded, so you won't miss a beat even if you can't attend. Show off your coding skills without the pressure.

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Scaler Neovarsity is dedicated to helping you secure your dream job. We provide placement support through our network of employer partners, community job posts, and preparation assistance with mock interviews and resume reviews.

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