C++ Cheat Sheet

A Quick Reference with Essential tips and Commands

Introduction to C++

A general-purpose language that can handle both procedural & OOP styles. With its efficient syntax, it's perfect solution for any type of application, big or small.

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From basics like data types, loops to advanced concepts like pointers, algorithms, this cheat sheet has everything you need to master C++. 

1. Take input from the screen & stores it in a variable.   cin >> variable;   2. Prints the output under the “ ” to the screen.   cout << "Hello World";

Basic Commands

Data Types

1. Stores characters like ‘A’, ‘a’, ‘1’ etc.  char variable_name= 'c';   2. Boolean variables can either be true or false.  boolean b = false;

References and Pointers

Reference- An alias for an already existing variable.    string variable1 = "Value1";  string &variable2 = variable1;  Pointer- A variable holding memory address of another variable.   int var = 2, *p;  p = &var;

Math Functions

1. Returns the minimum value.  cout << min(1, 0);   2. Returns ceil value. cout << ceil(a);    3. Returns a to power b.  cout <<pow(a, b);

Iterative statements

1. While loop  while (condition)  {     // body of the loop }    Do-while loop  do  {     // body of the loop }  while (condition);

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