Level Up Your  Java Knowledge with these Top Quiz Questions

A. The reference of the array  B. A copy of the array  C. Length of the array  D. Copy of the first element

1. When an array is passed to a method, what does the method receive?

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A. int[] A = {}  B. int[] A = {1, 2, 3}  C. int[] A = (1, 2, 3)  D. int[][] A = {1,2,3}

2. Select the valid statement to declare and initialize an array.

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A. At run time  B. At compile time  C. Depends on the code  D. None

3. When is the object created with a new keyword?

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4. In which of the following is the toString() method defined?

A. java.lang.Object  B. java.lang.String  C. java.lang.util  D. None

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5. To which of the following does the class string belong?

A. java.lang  B. java.awt  C. java.applet  D. java.string

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A. int  B. void  C. double  D. None

6. Identify the return type of a method that does not return any value.

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A. No return type  B. A class object in which it is defined  C. void  D. None

7. What is the implicit return type of the constructor?

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A. Solution(void)  B. Solution() public  C. Solution(void) public  D. Solution()

8. Identify the prototype of the default constructor - Public class Solution {}

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A. for(; ;)  B. for(int i = 0; i < 1; i--)  C. for(int i = 0; ;i++)  D. All of the above

9. Identify the infinite loop.

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A. Comparator  B. EventListener  C. Set  D. Collection

10. Identify the interface which is used to declare core methods in Java.

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