Machine Learning Engineer Salary in India

What you can expect?

ML engineers analyze raw data from different data pipelines to develop data science models that can be scaled and applied accordingly.

Who is a Machine Learning Engineer?

Machine Learning Engineer Salary: Pay By Experience

The average salary for ML engineers in India is ₹510k/yr for freshers, and ₹609k/yr for those with 1-4 years of experience. As you gain experience, it can go up to ₹2 million/yr.

Machine Learning Engineer Salary: Pay By Location

Location plays a vital role in how much a ML Engineer earn, for instance, Bangalore offers ₹8.7 lakh/yr, Chennai offers ₹7.25 lakh/yr, Pune offers ₹6.15 lakh/yr, and so on.

Machine Learning Engineer Salary: Pay By Employer

The salary of ML Engineers varies depending on the employer.   Accenture - 7.75 lakh/yr Cognizant - 5.5 lakh/yr  Infosys - 6.3 lakh/yr  Google - 12.15 lakh/yr 

Machine Learning Engineer Salary: Pay By Skill Set

ML Engineer salary also vary depending on skill sets; those with ML skills make about ₹7 lakh/yr on average, whereas those with AI skills make about ₹8 lakh/yr.

How to Become a Machine Learning Engineer?

1. Learn Python, NumPy, SciLib, etc.  2. Gain expertise in statistics, probability, linear algebra, etc.  3. Learn ML basics  Know frameworks (TensorFlow, Keras, etc.)  4. NLP and deep learning

How much does a ML Engineer make in other countries?

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