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What is Manual testing?

A type of software testing where testers manually execute test cases without use of automated tools. It involves physically interacting with software to ensure it functions as intended & to identify any bugs or errors.

Importance of Manual Testing

Despite the advancements in automation testing, manual testing remains a crucial aspect of software development. It helps to ensure the quality, correctness, and completeness of developed software.

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What kind of questions you might face?

1. Can you tell me what the different levels of manual testing are?  2. What is UAT (User Acceptance Testing)?  3. Describe what Fuzz Testing is and how important it is.

Manual Interview Questions of Freshers

1. What is black-box and white-box testing.  2. Explain Monkey Testing and Performance Testing.  3. What is System testing and Unit Testing? Write the difference between them.

Manual Interview Questions of Experts

1. When to choose manual testing over automation testing and vice versa?  2. When the requirements are still in flux, what is the best way to test a product?  3. Can 100% testing coverage be achieved?

Manual Testing Scenario-Based Interview Questions

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