Master HTML with this Comprehensive Cheat Sheet

Want to create beautiful and functional websites? HTML is the first step! Think of HTML as the bones and CSS as the skin of a website.

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language, and it's the standardized system for creating web pages. HTML creates structure of a web page and uses "tags" to mark up the content.

Introduction to HTML

Without HTML, a browser wouldn't know how to display text or load images & other elements. HTML provides basic structure for a web page, & CSS is used to change its appearance.

HTML is the foundation of modern web

Become a HTML pro with our comprehensive cheat sheet. From basic concepts to advanced techniques, this cheat sheet has everything you need to know about HTML.

HTML Cheat Sheet

The root (top-level element) of an HTML page is represented by the <html> element or the <html> tag. This element must be the ancestor of all other elements.

Root Element in HTML

Meta Tags are used to provide metadata about website, such as page's description & keywords for search engines. Also, used to specify character set, page refresh rate, & other important info about page.

Add some sparkle to website with HTML Meta Tags

HTML provides a range of elements that allow you to divide your content into sections, such as <address>, <article>, & more. These elements help you structure content in a logical & meaningful way.

HTML Elements: Organizing your content with sectioning tags

HTML provides a range of elements that allow you to add images & other types of media to website. You can bring your website to life and engage your users with rich, interactive content.

Add visual flair to website with HTML images and multimedia

Get a complete understanding of HTML with our comprehensive guide.

Discover everything this powerful language has to offer.