Master Regex with this All-Inclusive Cheat Sheet

Want to master regular expressions and boost your productivity? Keep reading for a comprehensive regex cheat sheet! From basic concepts to advanced techniques, cheat sheet covers it all. Read on to find out more.

A pattern in input text that is used to match and manipulate strings. It is made up of one or more character literals, operators, or structures, and is commonly used for searching, replacing, and processing text files.

What is regular expression (regex)?

1. It makes searching and replacement operations easy and efficient.  2. Renowned for dramatically increasing productivity in all computer tasks.

Why Regex?

Say goodbye to tedious search and replace operations with regex cheat sheet! From basic commands to advanced techniques, this cheat sheet has everything you need to boost your productivity.

Regex Cheat Sheet

Discover the power of anchors and quantifiers, such as the caret and dollar, and how they can be used to match patterns at the start or end of a string, and specify the number of occurrences of characters.

Anchors and Quantifiers

Understand the use of Posix commands to create patterns that match specific types of characters and words, such as digits, letters, and word boundaries.

Posix Commands

Learn how to use lookaround to create patterns that match a specific position in a string, without including the matched characters in the final result.


Learn how to use character classes and alternation operators to match specific groups of characters, including digits, letters, and whitespace, and match multiple options.

Character Classes and Alternation

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