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If you're preparing for a C programming interview, it's a good idea to Brush up on your knowledge of  key C concepts with our list of top C interview questions. Start practicing now and don't let fear hold you back!

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C is a general-purpose, high-performance programming language that is widely used for system & application programming. It is a procedural programming language i.e., it is based on concept of procedures or functions.

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Learn and practice C interview questions from easy to hard level, historically asked in top companies like Google, Microsoft, Yahoo! and more. Get referred to the best tech companies and take the next step in your career.

Get familiar with the types of questions you may encounter from technical interview questions to questions about your coding skills, critical thinking, and more. Show off your expertise and land your dream job.

What kind of questions you might face?

1. How can a string be converted to a number?  2. Why is C called a mid-level programming language?  3. What is the use of printf() and scanf() functions? Also explain format specifiers?

C Interview Questions for Freshers

1. What is call by and pass by reference in functions?  2. What is the difference between struct and union in C?  3. What are dangling pointers? How are dangling pointers different from memory leaks?

C Interview Questions for Intermediates

1. C Program to find a sum of digits of a number using recursion.  2. Can we compile a program without a main() function?  3. Differentiate between the macros and the functions.

C Interview Questions for Experts

Are you ready to put your C expertise to the ultimate test? Take on challenging MCQs and start horning your skills for next interview. Don't wait, take the challenge now!

C Programming MCQ Questions

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