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About Capgemini

A leading provider of consulting, technology, and engineering services worldwide, with a mission to unleash human potential via technology.

Why Join Capgemini?

1. Offers exciting career opportunities & good packages.  2. Work on cutting-edge technologies & innovative projects.  3. The company values diversity, inclusion & work-life balance.

The Capgemini Recruitment Process Simplified

1. Online Assessment Test  2. Technical Interview  3. HR Interview   Note: For critical roles, you may have to appear for 2 or more technical rounds before HR interview.

Salary for freshers in Capgemini

Capgemini pays its freshers well! In India, those with up to 2 years of experience can expect an average salary of 3.4 lakhs per year.

Is Capgemini interview tough?

Don't sweat it! With preparation, you can breeze through it. Expect questions on programming, logical thinking, & past work projects, so brush up on the topics beforehand.

Capgemini Technical Interview Questions

1. What is the difference between getch() and getche()?  2. Why are Java Strings immutable in nature?  3. Explain shallow copy vs deep copy in the context of Java.

Interview Preparation Tips

1. Be confident & stay cheerful.  2. Know the company's mission, products, & services.  3. Prepare & practice technical questions.  4. Give concise answers, avoiding irrelevant responses or questions.

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