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It provides a powerful environment to create, debug and deploy code onto web services and apps. With  OOP & support for multiple languages like C#, F#, & more, you can develop apps for web services, desktop, & more with ease.

.NET Core: The Future of Development

This newer version of .NET offers endless possibilities and works across multiple operating systems. Whether you're developing mobile, web, IoT, or machine learning apps, .NET Core has got you covered.

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1. Explain about major components of the .NET framework.  2. Is ASP.NET different from ASP? If yes, explain how?  3. What are security controls available on ASP.NET?

.NET Interview Questions

1. What is the use of generating SQL scripts in the .NET core?  2. Explain about types of Common Type System (CTS).  3. Differentiate .NET Core vs .NET framework.

.NET  Code Interview Questions

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.NET  MCQ Questions

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