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HTML is the foundation of modern web. Without HTML, a browser wouldn't know how to display text or load images & other elements. HTML provides basic structure for a web page, & CSS is used to change its appearance.

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What kind of questions you might face?

1. Are the HTML tags and elements the same thing?  2. What is the advantage of collapsing white space?  3. What are the different types of lists in HTML?

HTML Interview Questions for Freshers

1. What are forms and how to create forms in HTML?  2. Difference between link tag <link> and anchor tag <a>?  3. How to specify the link in HTML and explain the target attribute?

HTML Interview Questions for Experts

1. What is the difference between <figure> tag and <img> tag?  2. What is the difference between <meter> tag and <progress> tag?  3. What is new about the relationship between the <header> and <h1> tags in HTML5?

HTML5 Interview Questions

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HTML MCQ Questions

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