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A popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It allows for efficient, fast and scalable web development.  The future of React looks bright as it continues to evolve and remains a top choice for front-end development.

Why React is the future of front-end development?

Its one of the fastest-growing JavaScript frameworks, & its demand for certification is increasing. It offers a quick learning curve, clean abstraction, & reusable components, making it a clear choice for front-end developers.

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Be Prepared for Any React Interview Question

1. What is useState() in React?   2. Explain about types of side effects in React component.  3. What is the use of useEffect React Hooks?

React Interview Questions for Freshers

1. Name a few techniques to optimize React app performance. 2. Do Hooks cover all the functionalities provided by the classes?  3. How to re-render the view when the browser is resized?

React Interview Questions for Experienced

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React MCQ Questions

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