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Most Popular Big Data Tools

Curious about Hadoop features?

1. Hadoop   Hadoop is a go-to for processing large datasets with structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data. It's used in various industries like finance, healthcare, and retail.

2. Cassandra  It's a decentralized storage system provides high availability & scalability without interruptions. It's used by top companies like Netflix and Apple for big data processing.

Curious about Cassandra features?

Curious about HPCC features?

3. HPCC  HPCC's commodity computing clusters provide high-performance big data analytics. Its processing power is so strong that it's also known as DataAnalytics Supercomputer.

Curious about Storm features?

4. Storm   Apache Storm processes real-time big data with fault tolerance, and it's easy to operate. It's used by tech giants like Twitter and Alibaba for real-time analytics.

Curious about MongoDB features?

5. MongoDB  MongoDB stores & retrieves big data in a fast & organized way with its NoSQL document databases. It's used in industries like logistics & energy for quick querying.

6. DataWrapper  Datawrapper is a free, open-source tool used by journalists, developers, and designers to create precise and embeddable charts for data visualization.

Curious about DataWrapper features?

7. Flink   A distributed & high-performing stream processing framework that's always available. It's used in industries like e-commerce & gaming for real-time data processing.

Curious about Flink features?

Curious about CouchDB features?

8. CouchDB  An open-source NoSQL database that provides a flexible & scalable solution for handling large amounts of data. Used in various industries like gaming, healthcare, and more.

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