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Introduction to MVC

A software design pattern that separates an application into 3 interconnected parts: model (data), view (UI), & controller (input handling). Used for developing modern applications.

Benefits of using MVC

1. Allows for efficient & organized code structure.  2. Easier to maintain and update the application.  3. Provides greater flexibility for UI modifications.

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New to the MVC?

Get the answers to top interview questions for freshers, including-  1. Explain Model, View & Controller. 2. List different return types used by controller action method in MVC.  3. How to execute any MVC project? Explain its steps.

Intermediate in MVC?

Test your knowledge with these interview questions, including -   1. What is Spring MVC?  2. Define Output Caching in MVC.  3. Differentiate between View and Partial View.

An Expert in MVC?

Tackle challenging interview questions, including -    1. What is ViewStart?  2. How can you implement the MVC forms authentication?  3. Explain briefly the GET and POST Action types?

MVC MCQ Questions

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