Palo Alto Interview Questions to Prepare For


A leading cybersecurity company that aims to be the go-to partner for protecting digital lives, using cutting-edge technology like AI & automation to address security challenges.

What is Palo Alto?

1. State the difference between virtual routers & virtual systems.  2. Explain Active/passive and Active/Active modes in Palo Alto.

Palo Alto Interview Questions for Freshers

3. What exactly is a wildfire? How does wildfire works?  4. What is the maximum number of zones that an interface can be a part of?

5. What functionalities does Palo Alto support when it's in virtual wire mode?  6. State the procedure for adding a license to Palo Alto Firewall.

7. What exactly is an APP-ID? How does it work?  8. In Palo Alto, what do HA, HA1, and HA2 mean?

1. What are the steps to take configuration Backup of the Palo alto firewall?  2. On Palo Alto NGFWs, what types of logs can be viewed?

Palo Alto Interview Questions for Experienced

3. How do Palo Alto NGFW and WAF differ?  4. What are the test commands we can use to verify that policies are working properly or not?

5. In Palo Alto, which port types are recommended for use in a HA pair?   6. What does the name HALite mean?

7. What is the role of the Virtual Wire interface in the Palo Alto firewall?  8. What options are there for filtering URLs?

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