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Pandas is a popular Python library for data manipulation and analysis. It provides data structures and functions to load, clean, transform, and analyze data.

What are Pandas?

1. Provides Series and DataFrame data structures.  2. Offers data manipulation functions.  3. Allows for easy data visualization and analysis.  4. Supports various data import and export formats.

Features of Pandas

With its functions - from data loading & cleaning to transforming & aggregating - Pandas are frequently included in job interviews, with questions on data structures to time series analysis.

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1. What are the different ways in which a series can be created?  2. Explain Reindexing in pandas along with its parameters. 3. Explain Pandas Timedelta.seconds Property.

Pandas Basic Interview Questions

1. How would you iterate over rows in a DataFrame in Pandas?  2. Differentiate between merge() & concat() in Pandas?  3. How are iloc() & loc() different?

Pandas Interview Questions for Experienced

1. How can we convert NumPy array into a DataFrame?  2. How to set Index to a Pandas DataFrame?  3. How to delete a row in Pandas DataFrame?

Pandas Coding Interview Questions

1. How to get items of series A not present in series B?  2. What’s the difference between pivot_table() and groupby()?  3. Explain the GroupBy function in Pandas.

Pandas Interview Questions for Data Scientists

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Pandas MCQ Questions

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