Python Books in 2023: Best of the Best

Python Crash Course – 2nd Edition

The book is organized in two parts: first presents Python's fundamentals, such as lists, dictionaries, classes, and loops, while the second illustrates how to write clean code.

Head First Python

The book uses interactive visual format rather than text-based approach to teach Python programming. You will also learn how to use built-in functions and data structures quickly.

Python Cookbook: Recipes for Mastering Python 3

Several tutorials are included in the book covering popular Python programming tasks. Topics covered include data encoding, data structures, algorithms, meta-programming, testing, etc.

Automate the Boring Stuff with Python

This book provides instructions for developing Python programs quickly and efficiently.  You'll learn the basics of Python, how to scrape data from websites, read PDF and Word docs, etc.

Learn Python 3 the Hard Way

This book provides a taste of coding by letting you do real coding exercises and solve difficult problems. Several videos are included on how to break, fix, and debug your code.

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