Python Developer Salary in India

How much to expect?

Python developers are professional who designs and codes Python-based software. They are responsible for Writes the backend code, debugs errors, and maintains the backend.

Who is a Python Developer?

Python Developer Salary in India

The average Python developer salary in India is ₹427,293/yr for a fresher. However, this can go up to ₹1,000,000/yr, or it can fall as low as ₹225,076/yr based on various factors.

Python Developer Salary: Pay By Experience

Python developers with 1-5 years of experience may earn ₹550k/yr, and those with 5-9 years of experience earn around ₹910k/yr. Salary increases as you progress through your career.

Python Developer Salary: Pay By Location

Location plays a critical role in how much Python developers earn, for instance, Bangalore offers ₹7,81,365/yr, Chennai offers ₹6,42,661/yr, Delhi offers  ₹3,54,761/yr, and so on.

Python Developer Salary: Pay By Skill Set

With skills like git, cloud computing, machine learning, AWS, Django, Docker, and Linux, Python developers can effortlessly move up the ladder and earn more money.

Top Companies Hiring Python Developers in India

1. Amazon  2. Facebook  3. YouTube  4. Netflix   5. IBM, and many more.

How to prepare for interviews as a Python developer?

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